Antique Vehicle Show

See a dazzling display of more than 100 authentic pre-1930 cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Auto, Boat & Air


Take a closer look at the various types of vehicles that helped transport commerce from the land to the sea at the turn of the century. Watch as the museum’s village and waterfront bustle with activity as early 20th-century vehicles go about the daily business of the 1920s. Take the opportunity to talk with the exhibitors who lovingly maintain these beauties and hear unique stories about the vehicles. Enjoy a free ride in an antique automobile and experience the 20th century’s newest mode of transportation.

Cap off the day with the event’s annual finale, the Grand Parade of Vehicles, at 4 p.m. Get your camera ready as these old-time treasures line up and parade around the Village Green. It’s a sight to behold!