Ashikaga Spring Flower Festival

Celebrating the arrival of spring with a flower festival!

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Ashikaga Flower Park is well known for its nighttime viewing during the holiday season and the massive wisteria turning purple in May. Keeping to tradition, the Spring Flower Festival brings multitudes of tulips and cherry blossoms in full bloom.

These flowers will warm anyone up feeling springtime chills

Western Japan starts to warm up in March, but Ashikaga City, right at the base of a mountain, is pleasantly sunny and cool for the start of cherry blossom season. The Spring Flower Festival starts based on the blooms, usually from late March through April.

Is it spring yet

Snow willows and white spiraea give areas of the park the appearance of having just been dusted with snowflakes. It’s certainly appropriate that with winter dwindling down, the cherry blossoms begin springing up across Japan.