Binanog Festival

Lambunao takes pride in its vibrant and glamorous festival – Binanog Festival. It is an annual celebration every January in honor of the infant Jesus.

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The Binanog Festival is a yearly festivity in Lambunao, Iloilo. This event is done in honor of the infant Jesus. It is a celebration that features several activities, dance rituals, performances, and competitions that add fun and color to the festival attracting crowds of locals and tourists for a week-long merriment.

One of the traditional dances showcased here is the Binanog dance of the Panay-Bukidnon ethnic community. The Binanog dance is inspired by the “banog,” a Filipino term for hawk. The dance imitates the movement of a hawk, which makes it an interesting performance to witness.

The dance consists of three forms. One is the “Binanugan,” which is the imitation part, the “Inagong sayaw-sayaw,” which is the celebratory dance, and the last part is the “Dinagmay,” a courtship dance. These ritual dances are made more dynamic with the dancers’ brightly colored costumes and lively beats.