Bo Sang Umbrella & Sankampang Handicrafts Festival

The annual Bo Sang Umbrella and Sankampang Handicrafts Festival celebrates and recognises the community that creates Thailand’s most famous umbrellas.

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Just as the name suggests, the festival is all about art and umbrellas! The handicrafts made by the local craftspeople will blow your mind away with the sheer creativity infused with boldness to create intricate, yet delightful pieces.

Bo Sang is home to skilled craftspeople whose products range from fantastic fans to colourful lanterns and parasols. Look out for the magnificent umbrellas designed mulberry bark paper which is then hand painted, this is Bo Sang’s trademark style. Other materials used for these works of art include silk and cotton.

Come to the festival in the afternoon. This way, you can enjoy the amazing artwork in the light of day, and then stay for the illuminated umbrellas at night. Many of the umbrellas are lit up like lanterns showing a completely different side to these works of art.

Other fun events to enjoy during the festival include an opening ceremony, a parade, cultural shows, traditional market, a beauty pageant, live music, dancing, exhibitions and carnival games.

Every January Bo Sang Umbrella & Sankampang Handicrafts Festival makes Chiang Mai come alive! Held in Bo Sang, just 8kms south east of Chiang Mai.