Bulaklakan Festival

Muntinlupa ushers in the New Year with the Bulaklakan Festival, a parade of flowers and costumes.

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Bulaklakan Festival is something that is enjoyed by the locals of Muntinlupa that ushers in the coming of the more growing and bountiful year for them as they are labeled as one of the most progressive city in the country. There may be no direct information as to when it started or how it had began, but the reason for its celebration is very evident that everybody are excited for this day taking advantage of the day to promote their city to future investors and business ventures.

The colorful Bulaklakan festival literally means parade of flowers. This festival usually has a street dancing and grand parades participated by students from different Muntinlupa schools. They are wearing colorful costumes which resemble different varieties of flowers. This public spectacle causes the city of Muntinlupa to be filled with massive and enormous colorful array of flowers. This flamboyant festival adds vibrancy and happiness to New Year’s Day for all the locals of Muntinlupa.