Caracol Festival

Caracol Festival displays the campaign for protecting and conserving ecology, if you're an advocate for the environment don't miss this.

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Caracol Festival in Makati’s central business district is close to becoming a lot like a MGM grand extravaganza. But underneath the glitter and spectacle, the festival is in a way unique among Philippine fiestas since it honors Mother Nature and urges for preservation of her bountiful gifts.

Unlike other traditional festivals that have begun centuries ago, the Caracol sa Makati was recently conceived. It started as a Fiesta Island program of the Department of Tourism in 1989 until on January 21, 1991, when the city government of Makati made it as its official city festival.

Caracol is a Spanish word for snail. The city of Makati has viewed the  shell of a snail as symbol of protection from the harshness of life and adapted the idea for its annual festival.