Chakri Memorial Day

One of the key national holidays in Thailand, Chakri Memorial Holiday, is held in commemoration of the founding of the Chakri Dynasty.

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Phra Buddha was also known as Rama I, and one of the first activities that he embarked on as king was to establish Siam’s capital city in Bangkok. This however, was not a walk in the park as troops drawn from Burma aggressively invaded the kingdom, forcing the locals to flee to safer areas.
Having worked in the military before, Rama I anticipated more attacks and therefore chose to make Bangkok the capital of the kingdom, eventually leading to the freeing of his people from Burmese rule. Rama I also constructed a magnificent palace which is today a grand structure that houses the Emerald Buddha.

To mark Chakri Memorial Day, religious celebrations are held at the royal chapel where the King, alongside members of the royal family, pay tributes to those who have gone before them. The procession heads to the Memorial Bridge where flowers are placed at the statue of King Rama I.

Members of the community take part in the traditional celebrations by offering flowers and gifts to the numerous life-size statues located in the House of Chakri.

Visitors to Thailand during this period can also be part of the traditional celebrations. In addition, government institutions and facilities remain open on this day.