Coconut Festival

Coconut festival is an event that honors the sanctity of the coconut tree in the country, one of the trees that grow well in many parts of Philippines

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Due to the importance of the tree, the Coconut Festival was birthed out of the need to celebrate this phenomenal plant. Also known as the coco fest, the event’s humble beginnings can be traced back to 1996 when the first edition of the celebrations was held to honor the Hermit, St. Paul. This also doubles up as a gratitude act, so expect to see the locals in their full traditional attire and outlook during the festival.

The one-week festival is a must attend, especially for nature lovers who are inspired by the outdoors. At the beginning of the Coconut Festival, look out for the dancing close to the statue of the saint. The night sessions are also an exciting part of the festival. Make sure you look out for the coconut festival in San Pablo City.