Day of Memory and Honor

On the 9th of May Uzbekistan observes the Memorial Day, the holiday of warm sadness, reverent respect, pride and profound gratitude.

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On May 9, all dwellers of Uzbekistan, like other people around the world congratulate ex-servicemen. Concerts, treats, charity events and awards are held everywhere.

And of course on the 9th of May Uzbek people go to memorials, pantheons with eternal fire, monuments and lay flowers and honor a minute of silence with the memory of the heroes.

In Tashkent, the center of the gaieties in honor of the Remembrance Day in Uzbekistan, is the Mustakillik Square, where the Alley of Fame and Remembrance is situated. Here are granite steles, on which the names of all the Uzbek soldiers of the Great Patriotic War are engraved. In the middle of the alley is a memorial symbolizing the Motherland; it is a statue of grieving Mother in bronze.