Daybreaker NYC // One Love

Daybreaker NYC // One Love

February: The month of Love, known for auspicious cupid sightings and a re-instilled fervor for romance.

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It may be the month of love, yet the dance floor has taught us there is so much more to LOVE than that.

And since 4 letters couldn’t capture the feeling — we’ll live out our message in the most powerful language:


From self love, to friendship, to the love of community and family, let’s celebrate love of every kind. And while we dance, we’ll remember that when we choose love, we are one in the same.

Hence this month’s global theme:

Our NYC sunrise peeps its head on Thursday, February 14th.

Let’s dance with hearts-cracked-open…

and remember what makes them beat.

Wear red.
Sending love.

See you on the dance floor.