Dubla Rash Mela

Dubla Rash Mela is the biggest fair in not only Bagerhat, but also the entire Bangladesh.

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This has become a grand occasion for many foreign tourists visiting the Sundarbans and people come from India as well. At the centre of the festival are twenty thousand temporary fishermen who are engaged in catching and drying fish on Dubla and nearby islands. In the Bangla month of Agrahayan every year, the fair continues for 5-7 days during full moon time.

Dubla Island is situated on the Bay of Bengal as a part of the Sunderbans forest. Initiated by Hari Bhajan, a disciple of Thakur hari Chand, this fair was first organized in 1923 during the Rash Purnima. To continue his legacy and keep his memory alive, the devotees — especially the fisherman of the Sunderbans — organize this five-day fair.

Around 40-50 thousand people join the celebrations every year. Traditional handicrafts, precious wooden items, foods etc are put on sale.