Ecotourism Festival

Ecotourism Festival promotes ecotourism in Gomk and Martiros and raises public awareness of ecotourism.

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Celebrated since 2016, the Ecotourism Festival promotes ecotourism in Gomk and Martiros and raises public awareness of ecotourism. The festival includes the sale of local food, an exhibition of ecotourism services, a “Regional Cycling Cup” competition, amateur competition of mountain climbing and training, a campsite, a photo-exhibition of the Republic of Armenia Red Book of plants and animals, trainings in the campsite, horseback riding, butterfly and bird watching tours, morning yoga, and more.

The festival is organized by the Association of Young Biologists and the Jermuk Development Center with the support of the Rufford Foundation and within the frameworks of the grant projects given to NGOs by the Armenian Government and competitions announced by the Youth Foundation of Armenia.