Enlightened Life Festival

A celebration of enlightened life on earth!

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The Khumbha Melas of India were initiated in ancient times by the saints and sages in the holy lands of the Himalayan ranges. To this day, they continue to travel to one of four sacred sites every 12 years to receive the divine nectar of wisdom, consciousness and awakened life. Millions make the pilgrimage with them in order to receive the blessings of these holy beings and taste divine life.

Now the yogis are coming to North America, in a historic movement that marks a tribal prophecy and echos the call to higher life from revered leaders of the past who first brought the eastern dharma to the west. The Sangre de Christo mountains of northern New Mexico are known to the yogis as the Himalayas of the West. This landmark event heralds in the next phase in the evolution of human consciousness, and has the root intention to restore our essential harmony with Mother Earth.

In the central temple, sages, shamans, yogis, mystics and masters will gather, representing the wisdom traditions of the world. The festival takes place on the sacred native lands of Santa Fe. Tribal leaders will receive Himalayan saints who are making pilgrimage to north America for this landmark event. For four days, you will get immersed in the holy presence of this assembly with singing, chanting, ceremonies, meditation, pujas, homa and native fire ceremonies.

Outside in the village, you will unite with a community of leaders committed to sustainable, aware and harmonious living. Attend workshops, practice groups, conscious family gatherings, and hands-on demos in permaculture, natural agriculture and water preservation. Feast on nature’s abundance, camp in luxury and enjoy leading indigenous musicians and global performers. Join us in setting the highest intentions for the future. We are creating enlightened life on earth!

Enter our village and get immersed in wisdom and practice. Bring the family and children to enjoy hands-on education. Cutting-edge strategies and ancient wisdom combine to enhance your life in our longevity village. Celebrate life with world music and global performers. Honor the leaders who brought the eastern dharma to the west. Feast on the abundance of nature in our Sacred Gardens. Take away the experience of a lifetime and rewarding tools to help you create enlightened life on earth.

Meet and learn from leaders in sustainability, wisdom traditions, plant-based foods, biodynamic farming, solar power, native ceremonies, alternative education, conscious childbirth and family life, longevity, and much more. 100+ presenters & facilitators. Get energized at the music and performance stage featuring multicultural entertainment. Take your awareness to the next level, meditate in the central temple with holy people from around the world.

Spiritual people, wisdom seekers, yoga and meditation practitioners, and students of the enlightenment traditions will be deeply rewarded by the presence of the sages, our sacred temple ceremonies and the opportunity to practice with the guidance of accomplished masters of wisdom.

Families, children, music lovers and sustainability enthusiasts will get connected with leaders in conscious education, indigenous performing arts, longevity and hands-on permaculture experiences. Native people and eco-conscious leaders will join together to explore earth healing and harmony, world cultures, plant-based lifestyles and conscious business.

All living beings and the planet will benefit from our intentions to nurture and initiate the integration of spiritually-aware humanity with the optimum well-being of Mother Earth.