Fagu Poornima

Fagu Poornima or Holi is one of the most colorful and playful festivals of Nepal. It is the festival of water and colors which is also known as Phagu.

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According to Hindu Mythology, during the reign of King Hiranyakashyap entire people of the kingdom were prohibited from worshipping Lord Vishnu and were forced to worship him instead. The king had immense hatred towards God Vishnu. But for his misfortune, King’s own son, Pralhad, was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. When king learnt about this, he grew very furious and implemented extreme cruel measures to make his son forget Vishnu. No matter how cruel the king got his son grew more closer to lord Vishnu. In one of his ploys, the King assigned his sister, Holika, to burn Pralhad to death.

Holika had the power of emitting fire. She took Pralhad into her lap intending to burn him but with Lord Vishnu’s immortal blessings instead she was burnt to ashes. It is believed that from this day people started to celebrate the death of Holika as Holi festival. The chir pole, decorated with colorful flags and erected on the first day of Fagu at Kathmandu’s Durbar Square.

The last day is the wildest as people especially the young ones wander through the streets in groups on foot or vehicles covered with various colors all over them and the people in houses make merry throwing colors and water balloons at each other and  also to these people on the streets.