Hamov-Hotov Yerevan Holiday

Hamov-Hotov Yerevan festival gives one more good chance to present Armenia as a capital city full of activities and festivals.

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National cuisine is considered to be an important cultural card for every nation and there is not a single tourist who will not be interested in visited country’s cuisine. Armenia also has festivals devoted to national cuisine, one of which is Hamov-Hotov Yerevan festival. It takes place in Tumanyan’s park.

The main purpose of the festival is to acquaint the community and people who have visited Armenia with the great variety of Armenian traditional ritual dishes giving a new life to the ones which have been forgotten or are prepared rarely.

In separate stalls, there are presented ritual traditions of Armenian 13 national and ecclesiastical traditional dishes and holidays.

The festival is accompanied by a concert in which will perform Song and Dance different assembles. In the place, there will be also organized master classes.

The stalls participating in the festival will compete in nominations of “The most beautifully designed stall”, “The most hospitable stall”, “The most delicious stall”. The ones who will participate in this lovely urban fete will amaze their palate with the new tasteful colors.