Heidi’s Village

Enjoy flowers, Segway tours, Halloween, and Christmas festivities with Western architecture at Heidi's Village!

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Although based on “Heidi’s Years of Wandering and Learning” by Swiss author Johanna Spyri, Heidi’s Village is more popularly associated with an animated television series popular in Japan in the 1970s that is still instantly recognizable in Japanese pop culture.

Don’t Miss

  • Japan’s longest hedgerow of roses at 230 meters in length
  • The shops on site, which sell everything from flowers and memorabilia from the story to fresh juice and wine
  • Staying at a traditional Japanese inn and hot springs nearby if you want to extend your stay

Life imitating art

The theme park does its utmost to replicate the alpine setting from the television series, with buildings that look like they have been airlifted from a European ski resort. You can enjoy fields of tulips, sunflowers, roses and a toy steam train that pulls passengers around the park.

Big events at Heidi’s Village

Events are held throughout the year as the seasons change and different plants bloom.

Perhaps the two biggest events celebrated at Heidi’s Village are Halloween and Christmas. For the former, scarecrows and huge pumpkins are strewn around the park.

For Christmas, thousands of tiny lights illuminate the entire park, and the atmosphere is often enhanced with a gentle sprinkling of snow.

You can make the most of the scenery and have your wedding at the theme park, which is a particularly popular choice when the tulips and roses are in full bloom.

Eating and drinking at Heidi’s Village

There are numerous eateries to choose from in Heidi’s Village, including Western food like cheese fondue and Heidi’s Village original wine. Also available are Japanese staples from traditional soba noodles and tempura to simpler fare like ramen noodles or omelet-rice.

Seeing the park by Segway

While walking around the park is an enjoyable experience, those looking for something a little different can use a Segway and get a guided tour of Heidi’s Village. Even for complete beginners, they take seconds to learn, and you’ll soon be cruising around effortlessly.