Hullegeb Israel-Ethiopian Arts Festival

Get ready to experience the rich tapestry of Ethiopian culture from music to dance and other performance arts.

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The Hullegeb Israel-Ethiopian Arts Festival, which takes place annually in December in Jerusalem, is dedicated to creations by artists of Ethiopian origin in the fields of dance, music and theater. This unique outlet for the Ethiopian Israeli community reflects the depth and variety of their culture – from traditional to contemporary. Its dialogue with the surrounding Israeli culture can be seen in the wide range of performances presented at the festival along with its minor influences from Western and African art. This celebration of Israeli Ethiopian arts is a bridge between new and old and the Ethiopian and the general Israeli communities.

Hullegeb, which literally means “open to everyone/everything”, is organized and initiated by the Confederation House, a Jerusalem based organization with the mission to bridge between east and west, past and present and, above all, between people. Its aim is to create artistic harmony among the more than 100 ethnic groups that make up Jerusalem.