Islamic Republic Day

Islamic Republic Day

Every 1 April in Iran is an off-work day, and many people stay home to celebrate with friends and family.

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Every 1 April is “Islamic Republic Day” in Iran to commemorate the success of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in overthrowing the Shah (king) of Iran.

The sitting line of kings in Iran had been established by the British and then supported by the US, and many people disliked its pro-Western policies. In 1978, a rebellion broke out, with the goal of overthrowing the Pahlavi Regime and establishing an “Islamic Republic” in Iran. There were strikes and protests that ultimately devastated the Iranian economy and brought the government to the point of cooperation.

It was agreed that a referendum would decide if Iran stayed a monarchy or became an Islamic republic. Some 98 percent of Iran’s people chose the latter over the former on 30 and 31 March. And on the following day, 1 April, the Iranian Islamic Republic was officially declared. Only two months later, the date 1 April was made a national holiday called “Islamic Republic Day”.

There are also many rallies, events, and educational efforts held nationwide.