Jerusalem Open Restaurants Festival 2018

Grab a Jerusalem bagel and a delicious cocktail & join an extraordinary ride with live music, dancing, food & alcohol on the light rail in Jerusalem!

Food & Drink


Israel’s coolest urban culinary festival, Open Restaurants, is making Aliyah to our beautiful and extremely delicious city of Jerusalem for the second year in a row!

Jerusalem’s culinary scene can be easily defined as an international mix of flavors with hundreds of restaurants serving everything, from beautifully crafted tasting menus to delicious “good to go” street food. Whether you like Italian, Asian, Argentine asado or vegan…be sure to find it with a new à la Jerusalem twist.

On November 14-18, the Open Restaurants four-day culinary festival will take the city by storm with a high quality food celebration. The best local kitchens will open their doors and share with us the secrets of the beloved and healthy Middle Eastern cuisine. Local and international chefs will come together and create unique menus with special techniques from all around the world. What to expect? Culinary innovation, food technology, market tours, master classes, food talks and food events combined with art, design and the great philosophy behind our most desirable and needed activity (which is of course – eating!).

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