Musrara Mix Festival

This hub of art and social happenings depict the cultural and political sides of Jerusalem specifically and Israel in general.

Culture & Heritage | Performing Arts


Musrara Mix is an international interdisciplinary art festival that takes place annually in Musrara, the Jerusalem neighborhood on the seam between eastern and western Jerusalem. During this three day festival, dozens of Israeli and international artists and musicians, and students of the Naggar School exhibit their works, and perform for audiences, including dance, music and alternative performances. There are also lectures and workshops available.

The festival is initiated and produced by the Naggar School of Art in Musrara with cooperation from the neighborhood residents. The residents participate in the production, donating electric infrastructure, support and enjoying the large crowds that come to the neighborhood.

Musrara Mix is an expression of the school’s belief that the artistic process serves the important function of drawing attention to our society and the identities of which it is comprised, and its belief that the festival is an influential part of the educational process for students of the school.

The general public is invited to these evenings that are free of charge (besides the shows taking place on the central stage) in order to experience the Musrara neighborhood, wandering the streets, visiting the inner courtyards of its houses, meeting its inhabitants and enjoying the best multimedia art created today in Israel and around the world.