National Elephant Day

Elephants are unique animals: they are social, cute, and helpful. Therefore, it's natural that they have got a day totally dedicated to them.

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National Elephant Day has been declared in Thailand to honour and protect those special animals. The elephant handler called mahout, and the elephant itself are celebrated with the different activities and ceremonies throughout parks, zoos and anywhere where you can possibly find an elephant. Plenty of banquets of fruit and cane are prepared for gr‚Äčeat animals to please them and bring good luck.

Elephant Nature Park and The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) in Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand are special place where you can celebrate the Elephant Day. TECC holds the biggest festival in the country. It includes the blessing ceremony executed by Buddhist monks. Large crowds come together to get blessed together with elephants. There is also a rehabilitation center where you can volunteer to take care of the elephants.