Phu Giay Festival

Dedicated to the goddess Lieu Hanh of PhuGiay Pagoda, this festival is a vivid celebration that is believed to bring good fortune upon its people.

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At Phu Giay Temple in Nam Dinh province, tribute is paid to Lieu Hanh, one of the Vietnamese “four immortal gods”, and the only one based on a real person (a princess of the 16th century who died young). Many devotees from all over make a pilgrimage to Phu Giay Temple, located about 55 miles east from Hanoi, to join the festival, taking advantage of the traditional lull in work during the third lunar month. Traditional diversions like cock-fighting, “keo chu,” and folk singing are held all throughout the festival.

The Phu Giay Festival takes place on the 1st to the 10th day of the 3rd month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Relative to the Gregorian calendar, the festival occurs on these dates: