Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

An unforgettable Taiwanese tradition in which thousands of bright lanterns light up the Pingxi sky!

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This unique Taiwanese lantern festival was voted by the Discovery Channel as the second biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in the world! This festival shows the true spirit of Taiwan as floating lanterns carry the prayers and vows of its people across the starry night sky. Folk performances, lantern riddle contests, and street carnivals also accompany the event but the true draw comes from the thousands of glowing lanterns carrying hopes and dreams into a new year.

Lanterns are prepared beforehand by writing or drawing prayers, hopes, and wishes so that the coming year will bring them happiness and prosperity. Similar Lantern Festival is also held in Kaohsiung during the same time. The breathtaking view of thousands of lanterns lighting up the sky is an unforgettable experience and one not to be missed!