Ramadan (Ramazan)

Ramadan drummers traditionally wake the neighbourhood up at dawn for an early meal, and the next meal is to happen only after sunset.

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According to the Islamic tradition, the holy month of Ramadan or Ramazan commemorates the month when Muslims revealed Koran that finally enlightened the right way to God. By a prayer, people are supposed to get closer to God. By abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset they are to learn self-discipline. Eating less wouldn’t be quite reasonable without sharing. Thus, during Ramadan, many establishments across Turkey practise giving food for free, mainly to the poorer members of the community.

Tourists are not obliged to fast, and in many cities, you won’t have any difficulties finding food and even alcohol between sunrise and sunset, particularly it refers to the seaside resorts. However, certain tact and respect would be appropriate, so it’s advisable to eat indoors rather than in the street. To be honest, today the fast isn’t taken as seriously as it used to be originally, and along with tourists, one might actually come across quite many Turks having their meal in the restaurants during the daytime.