Sakela Ubhauli Parba

Sakela is the biggest festival, Kirats of Nepal celebrate. Ubhauli and Udhauli are the two main festivals of Sakela.

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Traditionally the Kirat people used to climb up to the mountains in summer to avoid the heat and malaria (epidemic) after performing the Ubhauli rituals. During these traditional rituals they worship their ancestors and nature, seeking better wealth and crops. At the start of winter with similar rituals for Udhauli they used to move down the hill.
The Kirat have strong belief in dead ancestors and the nature. They believe ancestors would get angry when they are not properly worshipped. These rituals are practice same way these days too. However, practice or trend of climbing up and down during summer and winter has been stopped these days.
In the history of Nepal Kirats are noted to be the first rulers. King Yalamber, the Kirat King was the first King of Nepal. Kirati live mainly in two different parts of Nepal. They are called Wallo and Pallo Kirat.  Wallo Kirat is the Western areas of Arun River.  Pallo Kirat is the Eastern part of Arun River. Arun River is on the eastern part of Nepal.  Mechi and Koshi zones of Nepal are also highly habituated with Kirat population.