Sinulog Festival

Cebu’s biggest and most popular festival in honor of the Holy Image of Senyor Sto. Niño.

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Sinulog Festival is a significant festival in Philippines. The annual festival, held on the third Sunday of January, infuses both culture and religion.

The festivals are held in Cebu City, one of the tourist towns that Philippines is home to. The festival is held to celebrate the acceptance of Catholicism by locals, as well as the triumph of Christianity over secular religions that the country previously upheld.

It is believed that the transformation to Christianity happened in the early 16th century following the baptism of the then royal family alongside commoners. This marked a turning point for the island country, and which would eventually set it apart from other Asian countries.

One of the most iconic hallmarks of the festival is the street parade whose grandeur makes it a tourist attraction in itself. The parade, which often spans 12 hours, has participants drawn from locals from different parts of the country.

The participants at Sinulog Festival are usually adorned in resplendent regalia and will often engage in graceful rhythmic dance patterns. This show is replicated across different parts of the Philippines, albeit to a smaller scale.

The promotion of the event to a prominent tourist attraction has seen an increase in the number of attendants. The festival also features a contest where attendants can take part in the various categories. These categories are grouped into three including the Sinulog Base group, The Free Interpretation as well as the Street Dancing Group.