Sonam Lhosar (Tamang New Year)

The holiday is a new year's festival, celebrated on the first day of the lunisolar Tibetan calendar.

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The last day of 12th month of the year is a time to clean and prepare a welcoming atmosphere for New Year. The monasteries perform a special ritual with mask dance to expel negative forces. The New Year celebration varies. People go to Monasteries, Stupas and Chaityas and perform ceremonial rituals there.

People buy new dresses and decorate their houses according to their living standards. Tradition is there every family member thoroughly cleans their house to sweep away any bad fortune in hopes to make way for good incoming luck. Windows and doors are decorated with colorful papers and cloths and couplets with popular themes of “good fortune” or “happiness”, “wealth”, and “longevity”. People get together and have dinner with families.

The feasts include items as pigs, ducks, chicken and sweet deserts.

Musical programs are performed with Tamang Selo in the beat of Damfu.

Now-a-days Tamangs in Kathmandu and nearby gather in Tudikhel to celebrate of Soman Losar. They organized different programs there. The attractions are generally pooja, Lok Dohari competitions, Food Festivals, Dramas, etc.

Tamangs are seen in their own costume dresses. The Tudekhel (Open public ground in heart of Kathmandu city) is full with the crowd with Losar celebrations. Women and girls wear their dresses and jewelry and most of them wear a traditional hat.

Losar brings joy to all Tamang and Nepali as a whole.