Fuji Rock Festival

Music in the mountains at Japan's premier music festival.

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Fuji Rock Festival, an annual three-day event held at Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture, is Japan’s biggest and best rock music festival. Featuring more than 200 Japanese and international musicians, the annual event attracts music lovers and festival-goers from across the country and around the world.

Don’t Miss

  • Dancing (or headbanging) to over 200 rock, pop, and electronic music artists from Japan and abroad
  • The opening ceremony that takes place on the Thursday night before gates open Friday morning
  • Some of the smaller, more intimate stages to see up-and-coming talent

Quick Facts

Ticket release dates vary each year but tickets are usually available from as early as February

The festival began in 1997

Fuji Rock is known to be the cleanest large-scale music festival in the world

First in Fuji

The first Fuji Rock Festival was initially held at the base of Mt. Fuji, hence the name, but today it takes place at Naeba Ski Resort, only a couple hours north of Tokyo by bullet train.

Festival breakdown

There are seven main stages plus other minor stages scattered throughout the site. The Green Stage is the main stage and has a capacity for almost 50,000 spectators. Other stages include the White Stage, the Red Marquee, the Orange Court and the Field of Heaven.

Ride on the Dragondola for a spectacular view

Naeba is enormous, so the walks between stages—some running through the forest—can be quite long. The amount of walking gives a sense of how big the event is, but to really appreciate the scale of the festival, take a ride up the Dragondola. The gondola line whisks you to the top of Mt. Naeba where you can overlook the whole festival site.

A late night feast

At the hub of the site, Oasis, more than 30 food stalls from around the world cater to hungry festival-goers. Oasis stays open even after the main site closes each night. If you’re down for an all-night party, make sure to go to the Red Marquee.