Tanjung Pinang International Dragon Boat Race

Prepare to be thrilled by the adrenaline-pumping high-speed boat race on the river!

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This year, the race will see fierce competition among 30 teams from different countries that include Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, as well as the best dragon boat teams from Indonesia. The number of participants continues to grow as registration is still open. A total cash prize of IDR150 million awaits those who emerge victorious in the race.

The Tanjung Pinang International Dragon Boat Race 2018 will also feature other competitive sports including a Kayak/Canoe Competition racing for a total prize of IDR15million, the slippery Palmtree Pole Climbing, a Tug of War, Bakiak clog racing competition, a sack race,  a Joget Dangkong Dance Competition, and a whole lot more.  On Riau, food is never far away, so also spread out will be the Pasar Warisan Culinary Festival featuring a wide range of scrumptious food, snacks, and drinks that are distinct,  but not limited to the Riau Islands.

The Carang River is an important river course that played a significant role in the heydays of the Johor-Riau kingdom. Tourists can also enjoy a historical boat tour along the river to learn more about the history of the once powerful Johor-Riau Kingdom as well as the evolution of how the city was transformed to its present charming look. As you cruise along the river, you will pass a number of historic sites such as the Bayan Island, Tanjungunggat, Kampung Bulang, Batu 6 Port, Kota Rebah, and Penyengat Island.

In the 18th century, the island of Penyengat was the twin-seat of the Johor-Riau Sultanate. Today, the Sultan’s palace is being restored. It is an interesting blend of Javanese and Dutch architecture, and remains imbued with an air of dignity, even though it was abandoned for over 80 years. Here are royal tombs and crypts, and a restored fort.

Tanjung Pinang is the second largest city after Batam in the Riau Island, which has today grown into the capital city of the entire province. Tanjung Pinang lies at a strategic location at the southwestern coast of the Island of Bintan facing Batam Island. This city is the main entry port from where to explore the many wonders that the Riau Archipelago offer.