Tatiana Day

Tatiana Day is a Russian religious holiday observed on 25 January. It is named after Saint Tatiana, a Christian martyr in 3rd-century Rome.

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In Russia, Tatiana’s Day used to be called “Tatiana of Epiphany”, because the day comes shortly after the holiday of Epiphany. The tradition to celebrate the day of January 25 as a special day dates back to pagan times. It was on Tatiana’s Day, when pagan Slavs would start calling spring to come. To do this, they would bake breads in the shape of the sun. Every family member was supposed to eat a piece of the bread to receive at least a little of its warmth.

On the morning of St. Tatiana Day, peasant girls would go to the river to beat dust out of home rugs. They would wear special clothes for the ritual, because village guys would then help them take the rugs back home and hang them to dry on fences.