Tokyo Jazz Festival

Keeping summer cool with world-class talent playing live at Tokyo's biggest jazz festival.



If you’re a jazz fan, you should be at the Tokyo Jazz Festival. The event showcases some of the finest jazz performers from across the world in the Shibuya district of the city.

The event runs for several days from late August to early September, and sees an eclectic array of artists make their way to Japan’s capital city.

Don’t Miss

  • Visiting Yoyogi Park to experience live jazz in the park for free
  • Popping by NHK Hall to see live international talent
  • Buying a multi-day pass to save money on event-hopping

Now in Shibuya, for added cool

The Tokyo Jazz Festival is the largest jazz music event in all of Japan, and has been around since 2002. The event recently moved from its original home of Marunouchi to the cultural epicenter of Shibuya in 2017.

The hall of music

The impressive NHK Hall and the two more low-key spaces in Shibuya serve as the flagship venues for the event. The music is almost inescapable this time of year, though, with free shows regularly occurring at neighboring Yoyogi Park.

A multitude of different passes are available, from single sessions to multi-day tickets.