Tokyo Motor Show

Heaven for car lovers, with special test-drive events.

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Showcasing commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and motorbikes, this autumn car show at one of Tokyo’s biggest convention centers is one of the world’s best.

Carmakers often unveil their world and Japan premieres here, so you’re sure to see something stunning.

An international event

One of the most diverse car shows in the auto industry, the Tokyo Motor Show is held in late autumn once every two years. Hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, it shows off the newest motorized vehicles.

Special test-drive events

Featuring big-name companies like Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen, manufacturers show off their latest ideas, from practical passenger cars to weird and wonderful concept cars. Automakers use the Tokyo Motor Show to reveal their world premiere and Japan premiere cars.

You can try some of these latest models from the show at special test-drive events. Just be prepared to wait for the opportunity.