The festival won't let you become bored, because there is always a risk that you will get wet anyway.

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The summer’s biggest festival takes place in every corner of Armenia, so for playing it you don’t need to get somewhere, but if you want to be in the center of the game. Once pagan event but a nowadays Christian festival is the best that can happen in a dry and hot summer day.

Vardavar is celebrated 14 weeks after Easter. This festival has no age restriction, you can easily see an old man pouring water over someone and the opposite, a young even child, playing this funny game. So, remember no explanation can save you from not getting wet, no running and escaping, young ones can get you, no matter how hard you try to escape. If they already get you stand still, keep your phone, money or wallet and enjoy it. Sure you can take a bucket full of water and answer them in the same way.

Go to Swan Lake or Republic Square. The festival starts in the morning and continues with shows and concerts, but don’t worry the festival finishes when the weather is already cool, that time Armenians already put down the buckets.

Don’t miss the opportunity to feel the best experience and memories of Vardavar. Come and Join us in the Republic Square.