Victory Day

Tajikistan celebrates Victory Day every 9 May to commemorate the victory of the Allies over the Axis nations in Europe.

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9 May is the date when people’s memory comes back again to those old and tragic events of the war period. It is impossible to remember them without tears of bitterness and happiness and only with thanks for the feats of arms and everybody’s self-abnegation, and those who did not come from the war. The Day of 9 May is sacred for the Tajik people who lost over 300,000 soldiers in the Great Patronymic War. Every year, the President himself congratulates the war veterans at a solemn event held in Victory Park. Laying of wreath to the Quenchless Flame also takes place there. These days the war veterans are honored throughout the whole republic. All the military units, parks, squares host traditional meetings with the war veterans, concerts and tablefuls.