Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival

During Beehive Festival in the Yanshui District, thousands of soaring firecrackers are launched into the crowd making for a truly unique experience.

Culture & Heritage | Historical


Yanshui Beehive Firecrackers Festival in southern Taiwan is rather unusual because fireworks are actually launched into the crowd! You’ll need a special helmet, clothes, and gloves for safety as firecrackers rain down all around you. This is a truly thrilling and exciting experience for those brave enough to participate. This ceremony lasts all night with thousands of people attending. Historically, this festival originates in the late 1800’s when a deadly cholera outbreak plagued the city and fireworks were used to call for help.

The “Yanshuei (Yanshui) Beehive Fireworks” is ranked as the third largest folk celebration in the world and is one of the most representative religious events in all of Taiwan. With hundreds of thousands of firecrackers all going off at the same time, it is a cacophony like hundreds of thousands of bees streaming out of their hives.