Yatsushiro National Fireworks Competition

A fantastic national competition to see who can make the most spectacular fire flowers.

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Situated in the south of Kyushu’s Kumamoto Prefecture, Yatsushiro is best known for its annual fireworks event. Taking place on the third Saturday in October, the event features the explosive artistry of more than 30 prominent pyrotechnics firms from all over Japan in an unrivaled display of light, booming sound, and color.

Don’t Miss

  • The reflections of the fireworks in the Yatsushiro Sea
  • Buying VIP seats if you want the absolute best views

The best seats for stellar views

While attending the event is free, for the best seats with top views you can buy special VIP seats. There are also seats reserved for bus tour visitors on the National Fireworks Observation Tour.

Dazzling colors and sonic impact

It’s estimated that 12,000 fireworks are fired into the air at each event, with the fireworks synced up with music being the most popular. The magnificent colors of the fireworks are awesome in the sky, but just as fantastic is seeing them reflected in the Yatsushiro Sea.